Ty’s So Affected

Recently I had a friendship of 8 years fall apart. It was pretty brutal and got pretty nasty towards the end. Although it was definately overdue for that friendship to end, it still hurt like hell. It was one of the only things that I decided I wasnt going to talk about on Ty-Curious.com . I just felt like it was too fresh and wasn’t sure exactly where I stood about it. That was until I read this blog by Bee about the intricacies of a friendship between a gay man and his fag hag. So much of it related to the situation I have just been through that I decided that I had to share it. So without further ado please welcome my friend Bee from SoAffected.com with his post Hag Rivalry.

Friendship is a funny thing. To me, I believe you have to put as much effort into a friendship as you do with a relationship. It’s something that needs to be constantly worked at. But at the same time, it shouldn’t feel like work, and the rewards should be more than fulfilling.

Jealousy plays a part in relationships too, but in friendships it can be amplified. The friendship between a gay man and a woman is such a close bond and such a complimentary pairing. If another girl comes along that threatens the closeness or the “perceived closeness” of a friendship, then watch out, the knives come out!

Not to be one-sided, gay guys can be equally as hostile when their beloved hag (or fruit fly) develops a friendship with another gay guy. And as we know, girls and gay guys can both be bitchy as all hell when they want to be.

When you are younger, say in your late teens, I think you cling to the notion of having a “best friend,” someone that you actively promote to the world as being your absolute rock. It’s as if you want the whole world to know that you may be single, but you are definitely not alone because you have a special person who will always be there for you no matter what. Once you have found your best friend, there is a silent agreement between the two of you that, much like dating, you will be loyal and trustworthy and while you can have other friends, you can’t have other best friends.

As you grow older, however, you begin to realise that your life can be filled with the love and support of more than just one person. Sure, you can have some people that you are closer to than others. But personally, I have my little network of friends and the thing I love about them is that they are all completely different and bring completely different qualities to the friendship table.

I have two women in my life – and I love both of them unconditionally. I met one many years ago, and she was my first true faghag. Let’s call her Lily. Lily was literally one of the very first people I told that I was gay, and I know that no matter what happens and no matter how many petty squabbles, we will still always be there for each other. Speaking of petty squabbles, I met the second woman in my life, Hyacinth (who is my Fabulous Jae Elle), only a year and a half ago, during a time that I wasn’t speaking to Lily (due to a petty squabble). I wasn’t looking to replace Lily, but my bond with Hyacinth is truly special and I feel as if I have known her so much longer than I really have. My relationship with Hyacinth is what I would call needy HAHA. But good needy. We both have this abundance of love in our hearts and we have a very emotional relationship where we both share everything that just spills out of our hearts.

It wasn’t long because Lily re-entered my life, and all of a sudden she saw Hyacinth as a “replacement.” To some extent, it was true. Hyacinth had begun to fill the void that was missing during Lily’s absence. But Hyacinth was different. I missed Lily’s cheeky smile and personality just as much.

Although they both won’t admit it – there had always been a bit of a tension and rivalry between the pair. And I’m not going to name examples, but I often wanted to be all sleazy and be like “listen ladies, there is plenty of me to go around.” *wink*

Due to my amazing ability to manage and manuvoure around these kinds of situations, I have been able to get Lily and Hyacinth to attend a lot more events together. And you know what? When they both let their guards down they do actually get along! I am really glad they do. Because I love them both so much. And juggling friendships can be hard. When they are unified, I get to see them equally and there is so much stuff we can all do together.

As much as I hate to admit it, when either Lily or Hyacinth spend time with another gay guy, I feel like I flare up like a Siamese fighting fish. I get very defensive and wonder what they talk about, whether their bond is stronger than ours. I think to myself, is this new guy that she is hanging out with going to lead to me being pushed aside like an unwanted toy? I guess that’s the funny thing about human nature. Jealousy is a natural thing and as much as we don’t like to admit that we have jealous feelings, we have all experienced them at some point.

Discipline is the key though. I have learnt to control these silly feelings, because at the end of the day, I know that I am unique and let’s face it…can’t be replaced!


Hillarys Speech

Hi Guys, First of all I have to say sorry for missing a blog. It was my birthday last week and I got caught up in all the festivities and couldnt find time to blog. I was going to do the follow up blog to Face Off 2, but once again something far more important has come up so I’ll get to that in the next blog.

If you haven’t already heard it, make sure you check out Hillary Clintons speech on LGBT rights are human rights. This speech blew me away. Absolutely amazing and I finally feel like someone said exactly what needed to be said.

One of the points she brought up was that the world is worse off for not treating gay people equally. At first I was a bit taken a back. I know that we are worse off for not getting treated the same but how is the world worse off for not treating us the same? She followed it up with “all the LGBT people out there with brilliant ideas or amazing contributions that aren’t contributing because they feel supressed”. Imagine all the amazing things that women have done that wouldn’t be done if they were never given rights? Imagine all the things that black people have done that would have never happened if they were never given rights. This got me thinking. I am a giant Oprah fan, and even if your not a fan of her you have to admit that she has made a massive contribution to the world. Now imagine that either women or black people were never given rights and therefore the oprah show never existed so therefore the thousands of good deeds she has done never came to fruition. The world indeed would be worse off for not having made that decision. The world is worse off for not making the same decision now with gay people. Its Time. Watch the video, share with your friends. Let me know what you think of the speech in the comments below.