aussieBum Competition

Everyone knows I’m a big Oprah fan and everyone knows the best episodes of Oprah are the favourite things episodes where she gives away all of her favourite things. Well today I wanted to give away some of my favourite things…. aussieBums!!

aussieBum are my all time favourite underwear and I have been wearing them for years. In fact Im wearing a pair of Wonder Jocks right now! Nothing comes close to the style and comfort that aussieBum provides.

So today the guys from aussieBum and I want to share the love and give away 3 awesome aussieBum prize packs valued at $80 each to readers of . How do you get yourself in on this action? Like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter or enter your email address in the box on the right for email updates. 3 easy ways to win! Already done all 3? Then you already have 3 entries in the draw. Watch Facebook and twitter for ways to earn bonus entries! Competition runs from Monday the 11th of June til Sunday the 17th of June so get your entries in now.

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Penis Push Up Bra

My favourite brand of underwear is Aussie Bum. I have been buying their underwear for over 5 years. One of my favourite things is their “wonderjock”. Its basically a push up bra for your penis. How it works is it has a pocket on the inside, you put all your junk into the pocket and as you pull up your jocks it pulls everything up and gives the appearance that you have a massive package. I have 4 pairs in red, white, black and blue but I normally only wear them on the weekends or if I’m going out somewhere special. So the other day was laundry day and I didnt have any clean underwear left besides my wonderjocks, so I chucked them on and thought nothing of it. I went about my day as per normal, under my business pants it wasnt excessively noticeable. Then I got to the gym, got changed into my board shorts and went up stairs to do some body combat. The class goes for an hour and as I looked around I noticed I was the only guy in the class. I was thinking “oh god, I hope they dont think im this straight guy in hear to perve on them all” and thats when I noticed it! My board shorts didnt give the same appearance over the wonderjocks as my business pants did. Instead it looked like I had a boner. I desperately tried to push them down, move them around or do anything to make it look smaller without bringing attention to myself. In the end I just gave up, did the class and rolled with it. Im a big fan of wonderjocks but I definately dont think I will be wearing them to the gym again any time soon! For all you that are curious, hear are some photos of wonderjocks in action.
What do you guys think? Are you a fan of wonderjocks too? Let me know, Hit one of the buttons to your right.