If your in a relationship, you ain’t gonna like this!

The shitty part about new years resolutions is actually trying to keep them! I put a lot of thought into this years resolution and it’s one that I think is worthy of keeping. For those that havnt read my resolution yet, check it out here

Simply said, my resolution for this year is to rock the fucken shit out of being single! I wasted a good chunk of last year moping about being single. This year, no matter what my relationship status is, I’m going to embrace it.

I figured the starting point for this would be to change my attitude towards singledom. I thought a lot about it and 1 point just kept hitting me over and over again….

Smug happy couples! All y’all need to gets the fuck over y’allself. And y’all know shits serious when I gets on an angry black woman rant!!!

In all seriousness though, I have noticed that when you tell someone who is in a “happy” relationship that your single they give you this reaction. They stop and look at you like you got something on your face, and then say condescendingly “oh, don’t worry, you will find someone soon” like being single is some kind of disease or something.

Bitch, I don’t want your pity! I want your respect! I get out of bed every morning, I work hard, I do everything a couple has to do and I do it all myself. I also do it all without having anyone to bounce ideas off or talk to about it. I do it all without having anyone’s help. I do it all without being told that I am loved! Being single doesn’t make me weak, being single makes me strong!

Bring on 2012! I have a feeling this is gonna be my year!


The Good Guys

Over the years I’ve been on a lot of dates and met a lot of guys. By no means am I a slut or promiscuous, but I do enjoy dating (no sex, no not even a quick wristy). I like meeting new guys and in my years of gay dating I have met a lot of guys that are decent and attractive and have their shit together. They are nice and normal good guys.

The problem is at the end of a date with a good guy I’m always left thinking “this guy is good and I could have a perfectly good relationship with him, maybe even a good life with him. I could be with him and things would be nice and normal”

But what if I don’t want good? What if I want great? What if I want amazing? I’m constantly wondering should I settle for good or hold out for great? What do you think? What would you do? Does anyone else feel like this? Let me know in the comments below.