I was recently Tagged in a game called Tag Your It by one of my all time favourite bloggers TRJensen. There were a bunch of rules and stuff but hey I have never been one to follow rules so I figure why start now? In the game the person who tags you ask a bunch of questions. So here are my answers to TRJensens questions.

If the person you were dating asked you how many partners you have had would you answer the question? I would avoid the answer for as long as possible.

Penises are… fun to play with

Vaginas are… a complete mystery to me

What is the weirdest request you have ever gotten from a person you were dating? One guy I was dating once asked me to fist him……

List three qualities a person of the opposite sex have to possess for you to consider a relationship? A penis, biceps and pecs…….. dont think im ever going to find someone of the opposite sex with those!

What are your three biggest turn-offs? Farting! People with no motivation or drive and people who are far too serious.

What is the single sexiest physical attribute someone can possess? Confidence

If you could only choose one… Great Sex or Great Oral Sex? Great Sex

What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard? Is your father a theif? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes

Have you ever gone home with someone you just met? Yes

How do you feel about cat calls? Great ego booster

Top or bottom? (Chose one) I absolutely could not choose one!

There you go, all the questions answered! Remember you can ask me anything any time at ty@ty-curious.com



Top 3 Questions Straight Girls ask Gay Guys

On my facebook page a few weeks ago I asked for the “Top questions straight girls ask gay guys”. Below is the video featuring the top 3 questions. If you want to play a part in future videos make sure you “like” the facebook page!