The GAYtest Story Ever Told Part 2

Warning: If you are a relative of mine, weak in the stomach or just don’t want to know extremely personal details about me then I suggest you skip todays post

I often get asked “When did you know you were gay?” “How did you know you were gay?” Although this in no way covers it, this is the closest thing I can give to an answer.

At age 13 the worst thing ever happened….. Puberty. I started becoming curious about things and the feeling that I was different from all the other kids was growing and growing. My body was changing and I started thinking differently. I wanted to know everything about what was going on so I turned to the most reliable source of information….. The Internet. Ok, so maybe that was a bad choice but there was all these new things, dicks and boobs and fannys (ok maybe they aren’t so new) and I needed to know everything about them.

I was very interested in my own body. I had a million questions and wanted to know all the answers. Why did it feel funny when I touch my penis? Why did it seem to swell up sometimes? Was my penis a normal size? Would it grow bigger? What is a blow job? What does that feel like? I read and read and read. I also looked at pictures and something strange happened, I felt funny when I looked at them.

I printed off a few pictures and kept them in my bedroom. It was basically the olden days, we didn’t have iphones or videos or laptops. If you wanted to look at porn you had to look at pictures and even they took a long time to load and you didn’t want to leave that shit open for long incase you got caught so I made do with what we had.

I had this one picture that will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life. It was of this hot blonde girl with big tits sucking on this big fat dick. I started touching myself and for the first time ever I felt all funny like I was going to collapse and then white stuff started coming out of my penis. I didn’t know what was happening. I actually thought I might be dieing. I composed myself and stopped and thought “That happened when I was thinking about that dick, not when I was looking at those boobs” It felt like time froze for a minute and then the next thought “OH MY GOD, IM A GAYLORD!!!”

 I didn’t really know what a gay was or anything about it, But I sure as hell was about to find out……


Bad Head

Dear Ty,

My boyfriend is TERRIBLE at giving head. How do I break it to him without hurting his feelings?


Dear David,

I don’t think you can tell him without making him feel bad. He could get shy about it or even worse, stop doing it all together! My suggestion is to mix things up a bit. When you give him head try different things and then get him to try them on you. At very least this will break up his boring old playlist and give him a whole new beat to dance to! What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments section

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Why Penises are like Presents

**Warning, today’s blog is quite graphic so if you are underage, easily offended or a family member of mine you probably don’t want to read on**

It may be my inner slut but when I make out with a guy I immediately begin to wonder what his penis looks like. Is it big or small, thick or thin, cut or uncut, straight or bent, good looking or ugly. There are so many different combinations of all these different attributes that you almost never know what your going to get!

I have come to think of seeing a penis for the first time like unwrapping a Christmas present. Unwrapping a package to reveal something good makes me super excited and I can’t wait to use my new toy! On the other hand it can also be like receiving a bad present when you unwrap the package to reveal something very disappointing and you have to pretend that you like it!

Like there is gift giving etiquette there is also penis etiquette. Here are some of my rules for gift giving.

1, Don’t open too many presents. If you open presents every day it will become boring and lose it’s excitement.

2, Don’t let too many people unwrap your package. Nobody wants a gift that everyone else has already played with!

3, Make him wait! Remember when you were little and you spent days or even weeks shaking that gift under the Christmas tree in anticipation of the big day? Excitement builds over time, use it to your advantage to build excitement over your package.

Do you have any more rules? Let me know yours in the comments!

Penis Push Up Bra

My favourite brand of underwear is Aussie Bum. I have been buying their underwear for over 5 years. One of my favourite things is their “wonderjock”. Its basically a push up bra for your penis. How it works is it has a pocket on the inside, you put all your junk into the pocket and as you pull up your jocks it pulls everything up and gives the appearance that you have a massive package. I have 4 pairs in red, white, black and blue but I normally only wear them on the weekends or if I’m going out somewhere special. So the other day was laundry day and I didnt have any clean underwear left besides my wonderjocks, so I chucked them on and thought nothing of it. I went about my day as per normal, under my business pants it wasnt excessively noticeable. Then I got to the gym, got changed into my board shorts and went up stairs to do some body combat. The class goes for an hour and as I looked around I noticed I was the only guy in the class. I was thinking “oh god, I hope they dont think im this straight guy in hear to perve on them all” and thats when I noticed it! My board shorts didnt give the same appearance over the wonderjocks as my business pants did. Instead it looked like I had a boner. I desperately tried to push them down, move them around or do anything to make it look smaller without bringing attention to myself. In the end I just gave up, did the class and rolled with it. Im a big fan of wonderjocks but I definately dont think I will be wearing them to the gym again any time soon! For all you that are curious, hear are some photos of wonderjocks in action.
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