Believe in your selfie

Forgive me father, for I have blog sinned. I have not posted a blog in almost a month even after proclaiming to the Internet that I would return to this blog.

I could say that I have been busy, I have been working on new material, I have been toiling away on unpublished blogs. However this would be all lies. I have just been having a lot of fun!

I hope one day soon to write more, but until that day I hope I can stay in touch with all my blog buddies from around the world. To see what I’ve been up to find me on Instagram @timotheelee or click here Continue reading


Coming out of the Pantry Update

Its been a month now since I took my shirt off on the internet and showed the world my secret.  For those of you who havn’t seen my first video you can check it out here

So for all of you who have been asking, here it is. Check out where I’m at now and where I’m heading.