Is this my fight?

Quite often I post about gay marriage, equality and equal rights. It’s something that I am passionate about but recently I started thinking “Is this my battle to fight?” “Am I the one who has to constantly bring this up” “Is it my responsibility?”. At the end of the day I still get the same rights as everyone else gets 90% of the time. Is 90% enough? I pay my taxes, I get medicare, I get police to protect me, I get roads to drive on and all the other things that everyone else gets. Am I really being that disadvantaged? The only difference is that I can’t get married, and I dont even have a boyfriend so that isn’t really going to affect me any time soon. So why am I fighting this fight?

Yesterday I caught the bus home. Recently I changed jobs and have a different start time so I catch an earlier bus. There is a different crowd of regulars on this bus. On this bus there is a big group of rowdy workmen that sit at the back. They are loud and obnoxious and its turned my mediocre bus journey into a bit of an annoyance. So yesterday I get on the bus and I sit down and the workmen start their banter. One says “Do you use omo?”. Another replies, No “I aint no Homo, but you know Troy is a homo, fucken dirty cunt aye” The first turns back and said “I asked if you use omo you faggot, you got homos on the brain. Is Troy really a faggot? Thats disgusting” Another pipes in “Oh thats so gross, faggots are so disgusting aye.” The first one says “Yeah they should all fucken die aye, dirty faggots”

I can’t describe the feeling of sitting right next to someone while they unknowingly talk about how much they hate you, about how they wish you were dead. I can’t even begin to describe this feeling but it is one of the worst feelings I have felt in my entire life.

So does this affect me? Yes it does! Is this my fight? Yes it is! I fight for a time when people talking like that is not ok, where thoughts of hate towards someone because of their sexuality are not acceptable, where I am free to ride a bus without hate. That is the world I want to be a part of and that is a world I will fight to help create.


It Could Happen To You

I just watched a very touching video. In fact I cried a bit while watching. This story is an absolute must see for everyone.

The Wedding Dance

You know I love a good Youtube video and when I find a really good one I like to share it. This one not only has an awesome message, but there is also a really great cause behind it.


You can help my friend Elliot London make a difference by clicking

If I had a choice

I wouldn’t choose this!

If I could choose my sexuality I would choose to be straight.

I mean sure, being gay does have its advantages. If your gay there is a higher chance of you committing suicide, there’s also higher rates of mental illness and drug addiction. If that’s not enough to make you choose to be gay we also have a much higher risk of contracting HIV, getting AIDS and dying! Awesome right?

If that’s not enough of a reason to choose to be gay here are some more awesome reasons to be gay:
You can get discriminated against, that’s right! Complete fucking strangers can hate you for no reason at all!
In most places, You can’t marry the person you love! No need to waste your money on an expensive wedding because YOU can’t have one!
You can’t have kids! Who wants a family anyway?
It is far harder for you to find a partner so instead of a fulfilling relationship, theres a higher chance that you get to spend the rest of your life alone! How exciting!

Anyone who thinks I chose this is a complete fucking idiot!!

I am who I am and I accept my sexuality 100% but this was never ever a choice. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t choose this.

My Brothers Reaction

So my brother is your normal 21 year old Aussie straight dude. He’s a tanned tradie with muscles everywhere. He used to be a fighter but now hes a surf lifesaver. Hes an all round good bloke who likes nothing more than sitting around with his mates drinking on the weekend. Being younger I dont expect him to be so grown up but the other day he shocked me.

I made him watch the video “It’s Time” from my last blog. He watched intently and then at the end turned to me and said “That’s Awesome Man”. I was chuffed but didn’t expect what happened next. He turned back to the screen and said “How do I put this on my Facebook?”. I was speechless, I expected him to like it but not that much! I got my breath back and quickly told him how. As he loaded it on I asked “Don’t you care what your friends will think?”, He turned to me and said “Nah man, I’m hell passionate about this. I’m even not gonna get married until you can get married too”

I almost burst into tears and fell on the floor in a crying mess right then and there. It was probably one of the nicest things any one has ever said to me. In that moment I realized my little boy brother was now a man, a good man. I’m so proud of him. I can only hope other people his age feel the same. Maybe change is near, maybe “it’s time”.

Its Time

So I had a blog all planned out and ready to go for today and then I saw this video. It blew me away. Its far more important that you watch this than read my blog. If you havn’t already seen it make sure you check it out. It’s the most amazing video I have seen in a long time. Makes me proud to be an Aussie but the message is true world wide.

What do you think? Do you love this video as much as I do?