Love is Love

This says everything I want to say today



Is this my fight?

Quite often I post about gay marriage, equality and equal rights. It’s something that I am passionate about but recently I started thinking “Is this my battle to fight?” “Am I the one who has to constantly bring this up” “Is it my responsibility?”. At the end of the day I still get the same rights as everyone else gets 90% of the time. Is 90% enough? I pay my taxes, I get medicare, I get police to protect me, I get roads to drive on and all the other things that everyone else gets. Am I really being that disadvantaged? The only difference is that I can’t get married, and I dont even have a boyfriend so that isn’t really going to affect me any time soon. So why am I fighting this fight?

Yesterday I caught the bus home. Recently I changed jobs and have a different start time so I catch an earlier bus. There is a different crowd of regulars on this bus. On this bus there is a big group of rowdy workmen that sit at the back. They are loud and obnoxious and its turned my mediocre bus journey into a bit of an annoyance. So yesterday I get on the bus and I sit down and the workmen start their banter. One says “Do you use omo?”. Another replies, No “I aint no Homo, but you know Troy is a homo, fucken dirty cunt aye” The first turns back and said “I asked if you use omo you faggot, you got homos on the brain. Is Troy really a faggot? Thats disgusting” Another pipes in “Oh thats so gross, faggots are so disgusting aye.” The first one says “Yeah they should all fucken die aye, dirty faggots”

I can’t describe the feeling of sitting right next to someone while they unknowingly talk about how much they hate you, about how they wish you were dead. I can’t even begin to describe this feeling but it is one of the worst feelings I have felt in my entire life.

So does this affect me? Yes it does! Is this my fight? Yes it is! I fight for a time when people talking like that is not ok, where thoughts of hate towards someone because of their sexuality are not acceptable, where I am free to ride a bus without hate. That is the world I want to be a part of and that is a world I will fight to help create.

I got called out!

Recently I was called out by “Ohshititsmar” on one of my posts. I bang on about wanting equality etc but when it comes down to it I still make my own divides in my own life between my “Gay World” and my “Straight World”. Its something that I really need to reassess. So when I found this video by Davey Wavey about calling out gay people I thought it was more than appropriate to share today.