My Big Secret

So they say the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. Here’s my big secret, watch me “come out” about it in the video below.

Dont Ask Dont Tell

So I stumbled upon the most amazing video on youtube a couple of weeks ago. Basically it was this video of a torso, a talking torso. It was the torso of a US soldier who is gay. He has a youtube channel which is a series of videos of him coming out. As any gay man knows, coming out is a process, generally starting off with close friends, friends, mum, dad, family, extended family co-workers and anyone else you feel comfortable with. It has been absolutely incredible to watch such a personal and intimate experience unfold. This guy is so brave and honest and it is one of the most heart felt and touching videos I have ever seen. I guess as a gay man I can relate but I would highly suggest watching this to anyone. AreYouSuprised has done a massive service for the gay community, I mean I wish I could have watched someone else come out before I had to do it. He’s provided a resource for young gay’s which is absolutely incredible.

Theres a twist though, the US military had a policy of Dont Ask Dont Tell. Basically meaning they will not ask you your sexuallity and you dont tell them your sexuallity, therefore forcing the thousands of gay service men and women to serve in the closet, denying them the freedom to be out and live their life in the open. Dont Ask Dont Tell was repealed today and now all the gays in the military can serve openly if they wish to do so. So today, because AreYouSuprised is allowed to be a gay in the military he finally showed his face for the first time and also came out to his dad! If you want to see one of the most amazing and touching videos ever check it out below. 
Today is a day that we should all celebrate! Gay, straight, bi or whatever, we made another step in the right direction! What do you think of his video? It made me proud to be a gay man, What did it make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.