A letter to my brother

Dear D,

I haven’t spoken to you in years. Things got complicated and it was just easier to stop talking than continue the argument.

I saw you tonight, walked straight past you on the street as if we were strangers. You would never know it but I was on my way to a first date. Little did I know I was about to walk into a bad situation.

I always hated you for the way you treated me. You always belittled me, made me insecure, talked down to me. I always thought that you had made me weak. Tonight I learned different….

When I got treated terribly tonight, when I was made to feel like nothing, I knew exactly what to say. I knew how to hit hard, cut deep and stand up for myself. You taught me this. All these years I thought you made me weak but turns out you were just training me to be strong.


My Brothers Reaction

So my brother is your normal 21 year old Aussie straight dude. He’s a tanned tradie with muscles everywhere. He used to be a fighter but now hes a surf lifesaver. Hes an all round good bloke who likes nothing more than sitting around with his mates drinking on the weekend. Being younger I dont expect him to be so grown up but the other day he shocked me.

I made him watch the video “It’s Time” from my last blog. He watched intently and then at the end turned to me and said “That’s Awesome Man”. I was chuffed but didn’t expect what happened next. He turned back to the screen and said “How do I put this on my Facebook?”. I was speechless, I expected him to like it but not that much! I got my breath back and quickly told him how. As he loaded it on I asked “Don’t you care what your friends will think?”, He turned to me and said “Nah man, I’m hell passionate about this. I’m even not gonna get married until you can get married too”

I almost burst into tears and fell on the floor in a crying mess right then and there. It was probably one of the nicest things any one has ever said to me. In that moment I realized my little boy brother was now a man, a good man. I’m so proud of him. I can only hope other people his age feel the same. Maybe change is near, maybe “it’s time”.