Dating Farts

Dear Ty,

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 months now. He is my first boyfriend so this is all new to me. Last night I was lying in bed with him and my stomach was in so much pain. I needed to fart bad! I could feel my stomach turning, It felt like somebody was doing back flips in there. Is it too soon to fart in front of my boyfriend? How long should I wait?

– Gassy Gay Guy


This question is an easy one, the answer is simple. You should never fart in front of your boyfriend! That shit is just nasty. For us gay guys that is your sex hole and I dont know about the rest of you but I wouldnt be super keen to put my dick in there after I have smelt some rotten ass gas come out of it. I just don’t agree with these people who just bare all in front of their partners. I’m a bit old fashioned and I believe there are times you should keep some mystery alive and this is definately one of those times. If you absolutely need to, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom or outside for a ciggarette or to put the garbage out. Any excuse will do. What do you all think? Is farting in front of your partner disgusting or do you think its perfectly normal?


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Going The Distance

Dear Ty,

I’m in a long distance relationship and well, it is kind of doing my head in. Do you have any advice for me?

-Blog Buddy


Hey Blog Buddy, Thanks for the email! I too, have been in a long distance relationship and understand how hard they can be. They do have their positives and negatives but my very first piece of advice is that a long distance relationship must have an end date, A time or date where the long distance relationship turns into an actual relationship. Knowing how long til you will actually be together will make things a lot easier. I think before anyone goes into a long distance relationship they need to think about a few things first. If things do eventuate, who will be the one to move? If you are the one to move, would the other person be willing to make that same move for you? Are you prepared to give up all the things you have here, friends, family, career to be with that one person? If you still decide to go through with it be prepared, people will treat you differently, like your depressed because you are away from your partner or even worse like your relationship isn’t as real as theirs because yours is long distance, and the worst part, there are times where all you want is a hug from your boyfriend and you won’t be able to have that. But if this person really is everything you want, you are aware of the situation before you go into it and you are prepared to do the hard work then I say go for it. There are heaps of positives to being in a long distance relationship. You get heaps more friend time, you get to do whatever you want whenever you want but you still have the emotional support of a partner and you get the whole bed to yourself! I think the main thing is to try and keep a good perspective. A good friend of mine who’s in a long distance relationship said “at least he’s not away at war for like 5 years, and I can still phone, txt and email whenever I want”. If you can keep that kind of attitude then things will work out fine. Good luck with everything Blog Buddy, Hope it all works out!