If I had a choice

I wouldn’t choose this!

If I could choose my sexuality I would choose to be straight.

I mean sure, being gay does have its advantages. If your gay there is a higher chance of you committing suicide, there’s also higher rates of mental illness and drug addiction. If that’s not enough to make you choose to be gay we also have a much higher risk of contracting HIV, getting AIDS and dying! Awesome right?

If that’s not enough of a reason to choose to be gay here are some more awesome reasons to be gay:
You can get discriminated against, that’s right! Complete fucking strangers can hate you for no reason at all!
In most places, You can’t marry the person you love! No need to waste your money on an expensive wedding because YOU can’t have one!
You can’t have kids! Who wants a family anyway?
It is far harder for you to find a partner so instead of a fulfilling relationship, theres a higher chance that you get to spend the rest of your life alone! How exciting!

Anyone who thinks I chose this is a complete fucking idiot!!

I am who I am and I accept my sexuality 100% but this was never ever a choice. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t choose this.


Kids for Gays

Last night I spent some time with my Dad, far from my usual saturday night. I dont see him alot or spend alot of time with him. You could say our relationship is at best, strained. We are two completely opposite people with opposite beliefs and views on life and are both very passionate about our opinions which makes for some very firey moments. I guess this is the kind of relationship alot of people have with their parents so Im sure alot of you understand. A few months ago we had a massive argument and alot of things were said that had been brewing for years, so now with the air cleared Im trying to build a better relationship with him. So we started talking and he asked (with genuine interest, which was kind of shocking) about the whole gay thing. For us this a topic we usually skirt around or try to avoid. But he asked so I spilled my guts. We ended up getting on to the topic of kids and I told him even though I was gay I still wanted kids one day and he was like “How would that even work?”. To be honest Im not even sure of how that would work. I am aware that some gay guys do have kids and there are different options available but we both agreed that alot of the options seemed pretty messy. Shared custody, adoption or whatever it would never be the wife, kids and white picket fence family. Not that the white picket fence family is the only good option (Im sure most of us didnt grow up like that) but if I wanted kids it was going to be far more complicated than it would be for your average straight person. There was an awkward silence and then I just blurted out “If you dont have kids, What do you do with your life?”. I never realised how much I had fallen for societies expectation to grow up, get a job, get married, have kids. I had never even considered another option, even though there has quite clearly been a large spanner in the works for that plan for a long time now. I obviously have a lack of single childless role models. So Im left wondering, If you dont have kids and make a family… What do you do with your life? Travel? Become career obsessed? Become a Crazy Cat Lady?
What would you do if you were told you couldn’t have children? How would you spend your life? What would you do instead? Let me know on my facebook page by clicking the link above.