How gay are you?

The moment I started blogging I started reading because, well, I didnt want to look like a dumb arse. I read as much as I could about gay culture so I could give a fair and some what knowledgable opinion in my posts. One of the things I first came across was “The Kinsey Scale”.

My understanding is that kinseys opinion is that there isnt just straight or gay. There is a range of sexuality. As you can see above 0 being straight and 6 being gay and a range of 5 different bisexuals between them. This seems absolutely strange to me. Maybe I am just sheltered, I know straight guys and I know gay guys, but I do not know 1 bisexual guy, let alone 5 different levels of bi guys! It seems completely unrealistic to me.

I would love to live in a world where people were open to varying levels of sexuality and I wish this scale where true but I just dont see it. Am I just being blind? Is this the case and I just dont see it? Most of all I want to know How Gay Are You? Im a 6, at best a 5. Where do you sit on the scale?


9 thoughts on “How gay are you?

  1. Hey Ty! I recently had to do a research project on homosexuality and came across the Kinsey scale too. Being bisexual myself, i’d probably describe myself as being somewhere between 3 and 4 – so I think that although there’s 6 distinct catergories, there’s still differentiation between them!
    I guess being more attracted to guys pulls you towards the right, and girls pulls you towards the left – hope this helps!

  2. Hi Ty! I recently had to do a research project on homosexuality at college and that’s when I first came across the Kinsey scale myself. I’m bisexual myself, and I describe myself as being somewhere around 3 and 4, so I guess although the scale is in 6 distinct categories, there’s space for differentiation between them. I have a few bisexual friends that say they’re around 2 too. Hope this helps!

  3. Totally, 100% “6”! The two times I’ve even thought I might be attracted to women, it was a disaster! Physically, emotionally, and one time, financially. So SIX for sure!
    Peace ❤

  4. I found the Kinsey scale interesting, but I tend to think of it a bit further and think of sexuality of something that is a bit more fluid over time. The Kinsey scale implies this with the continuum concept.

    What do you think of the coming out theories? Cass (1979) seems to be one of most cited.

  5. I did the 3 thing for a while, gradually evolved through 4 and 5 and now very happily a 6. Don’t know what it means in terms of the scale. I have been with 1 and 2’s before but TBH I prefer a man who knows what he wants and is comfortable with who he is.

    1. I’m happily a 1.5 on this scale, comfortable with who I am and know exactly what I want and generally when I want it. I’m in a long term mostly monogamous relationship with a girl who would also consider herself a 1.5. When we do play with others, we both play.

      What a scale like this does though is over simplify sexuality… It doesn’t cover the times I’ve taken a male to female transgender friend to Hellfire on a leash (where does that encounter fit?) or the times I’ve tied a male rope bunny… It’s a different and not strictly sexual encounter however is still incredibly erotic.

      While the scale is great for showing the many shades if sexuality it is still far too linear for my liking.


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