Celery and Hamburgers

Dear Ty,

My best friend just told me he was gay. I have a crush on him and love him so much. I am trying to understand, whats the difference between putting it in a boys butt hole and my vagina? Wouldn’t it be the same? Why cant he just do the things he wants to do to boys to me?


Hi Wendy,

Sounds like you have got yourself into a pretty complicated situation but dont worry, many a girl before you has had a crush on a gay man and I can assure you, you wont be the last to do so. I have been asked this question hundreds of times, “Why cant you just stick it in a girls hole? Is’nt it basically the same thing?”. The best way I can describe it is like this. Sex with a girl is like celery, and sex with a boy is like a hamburger. I can eat celery, It will do its job and fill me with nourishment but thats about it. It wont taste good, I wont enjoy it, It wont satisfy my cravings. On the other had I can eat a hamburger and completely enjoy it. The taste the smell, everything about it will leave me completely satisfied. If your friend only likes hamburgers theres not much point in forcing him to eat celery, hes not going to enjoy it and you deserve someone who loves eating celery!



Remember you can ask me anything any time by emailing me at ty@ty-curious.com


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