Mime in the City

The other day I took some time off work to go visit my mum in hospital. I had to get off the train in the city to get a connecting train and thought I would stop and get some lunch. After walking around for what seemed like forever, trying to find something that was healthy, that I didn’t have to queue for half an hour and that accepted eftpos, I finally got my lunch and sat down in the piazza. Half way through my lunch I heard a giant boom box and wondered what it was. When I finished eating I headed straight over to see what was going on. There was a crowd of people and in the middle was a mime. He was so entertaining I ended up staying and watching for 45 minutes. I caught a bit of his performance on my phone.

This video didn’t really capture how amazing he was, I wish I had filmed more. He had the whole audience captivated, myself included. There was not one point throughout his whole performace where I thought I should get on my way or leave.

The thing that made this guy amazing though was, not only did he entertain me but left me with an awesome message. At the end of his performance he said “This isnt my hobby, this is my job. I used to work in a bank and make people sad, now I work in the street and I make people happy”. Now Im not saying anyone should quit their job, but if this guy can dedicate his life to making people happy, Im sure I could spare 5 or 10 minutes a day to make others happy. Imagine if we all did it!


One thought on “Mime in the City

  1. I enjoyed this post. It’s amazing how some people learn how and what life is really all about. Money never solves your problems. Lol

    I hope you post more! Seems lately your out of pocket?

    Any word on the date with the faceless man?

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